Online Engagements

Do you require candid, representative, fast, easy to obtain, and cost effective information from customers, clients, or constituents?  Are you concerned about budget, availability of trained moderators and researchers?  Have questions on how recruit and engage members, and ensure members are not harassed online?

Our digital consultation software provides self-serve online community engagement tools.  Our Full Solution options will provide professional services to  help you to set up and engage community members with qualitative or quantitative tools. Our software allows for your company branding, and can be set up rapidly. Our video training removes the stress of finding a qualified community manager. The videos will walk you through how to recruit, use the software and moderate a community.  Our short term communities are great solutions for ad hoc projects, while our longer term communities provide ongoing engagement. We offer the best analytics and click-and-print reporting in the industry. Delivering world class research with over 15 years of experience, we can support you with whatever level of market research needs or expertise your project may require.


Conduct qualitative and quantitative studies across all devices.

Community recruiting, management, and incentives.

Comprehensive on-boarding, technical support, and online training videos provided.

Flexible levels of professional support services.

Engage, Learn, & Create

Like never before

Insightrix’s state-of-the-art online community software allows you the ability to hear the thoughts, and opinions of your customers. By creating a community where your customers can discuss your brand, you will be able to better understand your customers, and create products and services tailored specifically for them. We have the knowledge to take you through each step of the journey, from recruiting your first community members, to engaging with them and keeping them engaged.

Why Use An Online Community?

Speed vs. Accuracy

When implementing a plan or strategy you need to decide whether it’s speed vs. accuracy and Insightrix communities gives you both. In certain instances, directional or order of magnitude information, provided by informed community members can be very valuable. Insightrix communities allow you to get feedback and direction within a day or two. If you want greater reliability you can use a larger number of community members or go to survey format.

A community makes efficient re-use of a sample, which can be more appropriate and cost-efficient.

Value for Money

For a single survey, a survey platform will be the cheapest option. However, for program research with customers, a community will normally deliver more research and more insight for a given amount of money. Most reports indicate that a well-run community will produce at least three times as much research and insight for a specific spend. For some clients this means stretching their budgets, and for some it means reducing the budget and still getting uplift in the amount of research conducted.

Insightrix communities are best for brands, services, and organizations who want to engage in a two-way discussion with their customers/users/stakeholders – putting customers at the heart of the organization.

  • Sometimes a series of ad hoc surveys might be the best solution.
  • Key questions for an organization to ask are: When should we pick a community and when should we use the ad hoc survey?
  • Who are you looking to research? When it comes to researching customers a community works best.
  • In instances when you want to research the whole market, then ad hoc surveys work best.
  • Insightrix communities are intended for ongoing discussions with customers. Companies that use them, don’t want to bother their customers through emails and surveys. They want to create a group that is representative of their customers and build a dialogue with this group.