Incentive Management & Administration

There are multiple measures that can be taken to attract new community members as well as reduce panel churn.

Insightrix will work closely with the client to develop a plan to both recruit and retain community members.
These plans will include:

Ensure a panelist experience that utilizes best practices and encourages panel members to stay as a member in the community for a long period of time (e.g. sharing information with community members on study results).

Develop an incentive plan that may be used to draw in new members (e.g. a draw for joining the community).

Develop an incentive plan that can be used to encourage participation in research activities and foster retention (e.g. prize draws for participating in a survey).

Incentives are tracked and administered within the community software

  • Our software allocates points to a community member based on their participation in a research activity.  For example, 10 points can automatically be provided to a member after they complete a survey.  This functionality makes it easy to implement multiple types of incentives including draws. For example, if a prize draw is given out monthly to community members who participate in a survey, for each survey completed, the member could earn 10 points which can be converted into one entry into a draw. If the panel member does a second survey that month and earns another 10 points, this can be converted into a second entry into the same draw.  Basically the more they participate, the more chances they have to win that monthly prize draw.
  • Furthermore, the flexibility of our system allows for incentives to be awarded based on recruiting activities, such as referring people to the community (e.g. getting additional points and therefore draws if they refer people who subsequently sign up to the community).

Community members can log into their accounts to see how many points or entries they have into the draw.  The winners will be  posted in various community communications (e.g. newsletter, online blogs, etc.). As well they will receive a personal email congratulating them.

Our software is highly accessible and easy to use in order to
distribute incentives such as draws.

Referral program

  • A referral program can be set up for community members. For example, special prize draws can be set up for those who refer someone to the community, subject to the person referred filling out their profile survey. For each person referred, the person referring can be entered into a prize draw. If they refer more than one person they get entered more than once.
  • As an alternative to a dedicated prize draw for referrals, the community member who refers others can be offered an entry to a larger monthly draw, the same draw that survey participants are entered into.

Minimize Attrition

  • A program can be set up to minimize members who do not participate in community activities. Depending on the client’s definition of a lapsed member (i.e. a member that has not unsubscribed but is not active any more), a program can be designed to reduce lapsed members.  For example, when a community member is approaching lapsed status, an email can be sent asking them to participate in an ad hoc survey and/or update their profile survey.  Extra bonus points can be offered to encourage them to remain part of the community.