How to create social media content that is interesting to customers?

Your task has been to create a killer social media campaign; the goal is to get more followers on Instagram and not the paid kind. You need to attract real followers who are interested in your brand who are going to like your photos and comment. The only problem with this picture is that every other brand is on the same mission. There is a massive competition out there to be better than your rival brands in the area of social media. This task is going to take more than just posting your photos at the right time with the right tags. You actually want to be different than everyone else, but how? Why not use the Diaries tool to help you?

The diaries tool can be used to invite 15 of your target demographic customers to participate in a 10 day study where the participants are asked at least one question per day about what they think constitutes a great Instagram page. How do they search for new accounts to follow? What kind of pictures do they like to see? What kind of videos do they like to watch? What don’t they like to see? What keeps them from following a brand?

Day 1 of the diaries you can ask your participants what five brands in their opinion have the best Instagram accounts that they follow? Then ask the participants to screen shot each of the five brands and upload it to the diary. Each individual opens the diary on their phone and then screen shots the five favourite brands and uploads the photos to the diary. Day two will be an expansion on this idea by asking participants to share 5 of their favourite photos on one of the brands Instagram page.

Now that we know what the respondents are interested in, you can find out if they were introduced to a brand that they had never heard of and how they came to know them? Perhaps a participant is interested in a similar sport or activity that your brand is targeting. You can find out information about that similar sport, and information that will help you better understand that niche. Using the bulletin board can help you gain understanding into how your target participants search for tags that you never had considered before.

Next you want to know how you can improve your video feed for Instagram so you ask your respondents what they like to see in brand’s video feeds, as well as what they don’t see much of but would like to see more of. Your daily diary question also asks members to share the names of 4 brands that have interesting video feeds. Now you can confirm whether your plan for your video feeds is on track, as well as give you ideas of what people want to see but that doesn’t really exist.

The last few days of the diary you could probe what your respondents like and don’t like about your Instagram feed. First you start with asking your respondents to go through and choose their favourite photos from your feed and share them in the diary. Then they are asked to explain what they like about 3 of the photos. The next day they are asked what they don’t like about your Instagram feed. From this question perhaps you find out that your respondents don’t like certain tags you use. Also there is a consensus that users don’t like overt photos that look like advertisements and would rather see lifestyle looking photos that appear less like advertisements but still show off the products.

 Coming up with key insights to help plan a good marketing strategy is essential. Finding out what your customers like about what you’re doing and what they don’t like is critical for coming up with a great strategy. When all of your competition is trying to compete in social media you need a competitive advantage and that can be found by probing your customers for their input. We believe that the Diary function of our online communities is a great way to achieve this goal.

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