Insight communities have been heralded as one of the big success stories in research over the last 5 years.

The premise behind online communities is that an actively engaged long-term community can provide more accurate, collaborative marketing feedback than the previous used models such as focus groups and surveys, for a lot less cost.

#1 Insight communities work best for branded products which are reasonably heavily marketed. Community members give feedback on concepts and marketing material for example.

#2 Non-customers, disengaged customers, and lapsed customers. If you want to see where disruption is coming from, it’s probably a good idea not to focus exclusively on your own customers. You also need to hear occasionally from your non-customers, lapsed customers and those who are disengaged.

What are the needs of the customer and putting a plan together to meet their needs.

We work with senior management in assessing whether this tool or other quant or qual tools might satisfy your needs.

Getting customer input on product design

Testing customer perception on price and quality

Obtaining honest feedback on advertising materials and campaigns

Understanding customer needs

Understanding customer loyalty

Allowing senior management a direct line to customers

Understanding features, importance and price.

  • Executing the plan with assistance.
  • Insightrix will work with your company to make sure that all of your branding and design needs are met.
  • Brand Integration: Send us your brand details, style guides, and website and we will create a site that matches your corporate website.
  • Our designers will make sure that every image, button, and font used corresponds perfectly with your corporate branding.