Insightrix will provide training for the client’s team members on the Insightrix platform. This training will include:

  • Navigation through the panel as an administrator.
  • Accessing the profile survey results.
  • Viewing panel health statistics.
  • Viewing survey results.
  • Where surveys are programmed.
  • How discussion groups are started and managed.
  • How the incentive system works.

Our staff will walk through the basics of the system and ensure that everything is understood.

On an ongoing basis, our staff are available for continuous support using a dedicated email address (e.g. client name,  telephone (using our 1-800 number ), and Skype or Webex for anything that is needed.

Our objective in the training program is to ensure the client understands how our system works so that any research project can be handled by Insightrix or by client staff if desired.

Technicial Support

Technical Support will be available to both the client and the community members.  Community members will have access to Insightrix staff for all questions relating to registration or any technical problems.

Technical Support to Community Members

  • The Insightrix Community Manager handles email inquiries from members on problems they may be experiencing such as: password problems, questions on how to redeem rewards, etc.
  • This support is available Monday through Friday inclusive from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Standard Time.
  • It is very seldom that escalation of a problem is required, but if so, Insightrix has three IT professionals on staff plus the Manager, who can handle escalation requests.

Technical Support to the Client

  • The Community Manager will handle email and phone inquiries from client personnel, on any problems they may be having with the community, a survey or a report.
  • This support is available Monday through Friday inclusive from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Standard time.
  • Any inquiries can usually be quickly handled because the Community Manager has experience in survey design, programming, quality control and will be the person compiling the Community Health Reports. The Community Manager is also a member of the client on-site training team.

Migration of an Existing Community

Insightrix will migrate your current community members to our community software. Prior to this migration, Insightrix will review your existing profile survey utilized for the current community, and make any agreed upon additions and deletions prior to migration. After the migration, the community will be located on Insightrix servers and security access to your personnel will be reviewed and agreed on prior to migration.