Online Community Member Recruitment

Recruitment In The Client Network

Recruitment Strategies

Prior to starting any recruitment activities, a sharing of ideas between Insightrix and the client to review what has been successful in the past with other projects. Details that can be covered include size of recruitment/number of community members targeted, frequency of recruitment activities, types of incentives used to encourage customers in joining a community, etc.

Brand Consistency

During the recruitment process and on an ongoing basis, Insightrix will work closely with the client to ensure all communications are reviewed and approved by the client and consistent with the client’s brand book and templates. This includes any templates for Email invitations and reminders, newsletters or any other communications to community members.

Creating greater interest with prospective community members

The ability to create a social community where discussions can occur between community members provides further encouragement among customers to join the community. When the client is ready to use the qualitative feature of the panel, a moderated two way communication can occur between the client and members, and between members themselves. This has proven to be a great benefit in both the recruitment of new members and retention of existing community members, as it provides additional engagement opportunities and the ability to create a cohesive community. This option is automatically included in our software package and can be enabled if the client desires to have this functionality.

In The Client Network.

Create and host a registration form in the form of a web survey

  • One possibility is creating a simple landing page for joining the community. Insightrix has used this approach with much success. This strategy consists of building trust with a potential members by initially only requesting key information on the landing page that is needed for research purposes (e.g. age, gender, region, etc.) and then following up with a more detailed profile survey. Since each new recruitment campaign can be assigned a separate landing page for sign up, this automatically tracks the success of each campaign.
  • Insightrix will develop the necessary text relating to inclusion in the community such as a privacy policy, regulations related to draws, FAQs, as well as ensuring all emails are CASL compliant.
  • Insightrix will develop the necessary text relating to inclusion in the community such as a privacy policy, regulations related to draws, FAQs, as well as ensuring all emails are CASL compliant.
  • In addition, as part of our recruitment plan, Insightrix will outline a tracking mechanism to measure the success of individual online recruitment campaigns for effectiveness, efficiency and cost per recruit.

Validating Community Members

To ensure the validity and quality of the new members who join, Insightrix will use the following process:

Validating members

  • Use a double opt-in procedure. Insightrix uses a double opt-in procedure in which a community member must provide a working email address to join the community. A confirmation email is sent after the member joins the community. They must validate their membership by clicking the link provided in the email. If a fake or non-existent email is initially provided, their membership will never be validated.
  • Ban disposable email addresses. Insightrix will check for any new temporary email services being used by new members. Insightrix will check for new ones on a regular basis and when found will add them to the ban list.
  • Flag sequential email addresses. Insightrix will flag any sequential email addresses (e.g.,, that are used to sign up for the community. These will be further inspected by the Community Manager and removed, if after further investigation they are confirmed to be fraudulent.
  • Review individual records. Insightrix will execute a variety of scripts, checking for duplicate information in demographics, addresses, and dates joined. These can be flagged for further inspection.
  • Search Mailing Addresses. Insightrix will confirm the address of the new community member exists. While the name of a person might not match a listing, or the person might not be listed, the address used must exist. Insightrix can verify the member’s address using Canada Post’s postal code look up, in addition to provincial directory services (such as This step adds another level of security and accuracy to the community.
  • Inspecting IP Addresses. The IP address of any suspicious members will also be examined to confirm geographic location. This process is entrenched at Insightrix as we conduct this verification process with our other communities. Reports are run to examine any duplicate IP numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses and member names. This list is regularly checked by Insightrix to ensure community members do not sign up more than once.


Any uncertain records will be validated prior to the community member being available to take part in a study.  They will be contacted by email or telephone to clarify any uncertain items.