Built-In Research Design

Insightrix recognizes that engaged community members provide thoughtful, more accurate responses. They are also more likely to stay as a member in the community.  For this reason, Insightrix will share best practices with the client on how Insightrix manages the community experience.

User friendly surveys and polls.

Input and assistance in the development of a communications plan with the client, to share information with the community members, posting general questions to the community, and scheduling its planned research activities.

Time to respond to panel member inquiries.

Undertaking a satisfaction survey with the panel members.

Recommended number of studies taking into account community size and niche segments.

Timeliness of compensation.

Increased engagement through sharing results, and creating and distributing online newsletters.

Ability to unsubscribe or pause membership at any time.

Revisions to the migration procedure, as required.

Preparation of data for export from the existing community.

Insightrix will utilize best practices in panel management to minimize panel churn.

Based on Insightrix’s experience, three key elements are important for the community experience: 1) that the member feels the community is inclusive and transparent, b) that their profile information is available and confidential, and c) they receive regular updates on study results.

Provide transparency and inclusiveness to members

This will be done by communicating the number of draws per month that occur in the community, the value of each draw, and the names of the winners (subject to privacy provisions). It is also recommended that results from studies be communicated wherever possible. This information can be posted in the online newsletters, online blogs, as well as in any other appropriate communications to community members. These efforts build trust within the community and illustrate that their voices are being heard.

Each member has access to their account which records the activity in the account.

In addition to their profile information, a members account will show all their transaction history. An example is showing in their account that they have been entered into a monthly draw perhaps based on participation in a survey or possibly for making referrals to the community. The account also shows if they happened to win that draw. In addition, the account could show the actual points they have earned, redeemed and been paid.

Regular Updates

Insightrix sends out regularly scheduled newsletters to community members (e.g. quarterly). These quarterly newsletters provide members with announcements about updates to the portal and information about study results, including what changes may have been made as a result of community member feedback. These newsletters provide a venue to engage with members and show them that their voice is important and can result in change.


Our newsletter tools allows designing and reusing templates for beautiful newsletters to be sent to the community. Our system will also provide an archive of these items so that members can login and read older newsletters online. Insightrix will provide the client with a custom email template for use with the community.