Community Health Reports

Access to Real-Time Community Health Statistics

One of the most important management tools provided is the Community Health Report.

Using the Insightrix Community Health Interface, the client will have access to the following statistics for any specified time period desired:

  • Number of community members that have requested to leave.
  • Number of new members added.
  • Community churn rate.
  • Individual and aggregate study participation rates.
  • Current size of the community.
  • Distribution of the community by any desired (or combination of) demographic variable.

Community Health Tools

Community Activations

Graphs are automatically generated depending on the data selected. New community member activations, user posts, and unique logins are just a few examples.

Data Visualization

Our tool gives graphical statistics about community usage based on dates and items chosen to display.

Community Health Tools


Our tool has the ability to select data between certain dates, and apply question filters to dive into data and display the statistics you want.


In addition to the community health statistics, there are other on-demand community management tools available for our clients. Below is a description of some of these commonly generated statistics.

Statistics on usage
  • Number of surveys over a defined time period.
  • Number of inquiries made by members.
Participant review
  • Number of participants by participation level - (e.g. last participated within 6 months/one year/ more than a year).
  • Demographics of community members broken down by participation level.
Community composition
  • Community composition profiled on any available demographic variable.
  • Any variables relevant to community membership (e.g. type of transit, routes taken, frequency of transit use, type of transit ticket regularly purchased).
  • Visual representation of the location of community members (see next slide as an example) to ensure community is representative.
  • Number of respondents broken down by demographic variables.
  • Number of technical support issues broken down by issue (i.e. how many lost passwords).

Targeting inactive community members groups based on participation reviews for surveys and discussions can boost activity levels. This is a key aspect of a retention strategy to reduce community churn.

Location Of Community Members

Mapping Community Members

The login map visualizes active users in your community utilizing Google maps. Members are shown as clusters that you can click on to get a better look at where your users geographically reside.

Community Health Software Interface

Insightrix staff utilize an advanced community health interface to pull both basic and complex statistics regarding community health.

Insightrix’s software provides the ability to track a variety of important community health attributes such as total number of activated users, new users, logins, and unique logins.

Unique logins provides a broad level of understanding on how many different people are accessing the system, revealing if the community at large is actively participating, or if a small number of members are heavily engaged.

Data is shown longitudinally with user-adjustable reporting start and end dates. Community health data is filterable against survey data, meaning for example, that the data set of active users can be filtered to show only males or any other collected demographic data point. This advanced filtering option allows the community to be examined on a virtually unlimited number of degrees of freedom, ensuring whatever desired quota can be effectively monitored.

The Insightrix software logs and tracks all interactions between members and research activities (surveys and discussion groups) and also with other members. This data is also available longitudinally and can be filtered against survey data, allowing in-depth engagement analysis of specific demographic groups.

Top-line data from surveys can be filtered against discussion group membership, allowing a deep understanding of the demographics participating in qualitative research activities.

Community Health – Annual (Or More Regular E.G. Monthly) Reports

In addition to having access to real time community health metrics, Insightrix can develop regularly scheduled community health reports.

On a monthly basis, Insightrix will provide the client with a report including details on the health of the community including how many members requested to unsubscribe, how many new recruits were added, the current churn rate, and study participation rates. It will also detail the distribution and size of the current community.

The monthly report will aggregate panelist’s activities into groups (e.g. age, gender, etc.) providing participation rates in research activities and level of activity on quick polls or the site’s discussion boards (e.g. number of posts). This will pinpoint the participation rate across the different panelist groups (e.g. age groups, gender, etc.) and identify those who are the heavy contributors in the community.

The client will also be able to pull all these reports on their own; however, each month the Community Manager will examine the details, provide the client with a report, and troubleshoot any issues regarding community health.

Our monthly reports are not only provided for the period, i.e. week, month, quarter etc., but they are also trended against earlier reports in the form of an infographic.