Community Member Profiles

The member page is a key part of the strategy to encourage engagement.


Each community member has their own account. This account shows a personalized view of the surveys/polls, discussion groups and draws in which they participated. It also records their rewards and redemptions.

At any time, a member can go into their account and update their profile information.

The Insightrix software also tracks if any emails bounce. This enables the administrator to follow up by telephone to update the email address, if needed.

Community Management Expertise

My Surveys

The Insightrix software allows members to see which surveys they have been invited to, participated in, and completed for rewards. Members can quickly reference all they have done in the community and see which surveys they have participated in to date.

Incentive Management System

A community member can also go into their account to see their rewards to date. Examples of items a member could see would include points for conducting surveys, draws they have been entered into as a result of their participation, points for joining the community, as well as points for referring others to the community, etc.