Interactive Portal

The online portal is designed to be interactive in nature.

We can help you with developing the objectives for your community, assisting in identifying the target community members, and assist on recruiting.

If desired, community members can communicate with each other as well as with the client, all within the portal. This interactivity is completely optional and can be enabled if desired by the company.

The software allows two way communication between the moderator and the community members, singly or in groups, and by thread.

The software allows members to start their own topics or threads with the approval of the moderator. Similarly to allow members to communicate between themselves, if approved by the moderator.

Quantitative Research Capabilities

Online Community software can allow you to create targeted sample that will best answer your questions.

What does it mean for someone to be a member of a community?

  • The opportunity to provide an opinion on a topic or issue.
  • To hear what others may think.
  • To receive feedback on the decisions made as a result of that input.
  • To be appreciated and valued.

Our content and portal software will fit the companies branding and image, with intuitive software.