We know that the researchers in your company don’t want to be handling tech support so we do it for them.

Most companies that provide online community software don’t offer technical support to their clients’ community members. This can create frustration for both community members and researchers. We offer tech support to our clients and to their community members. We’ve had a lot of practice managing tech support with our own communities, and we are so efficient at it that we are happy to take it on. We will provide the client with direct access to support staff. While industry standard is to do it web based, you can actually phone us.

Insightrix provides a level of customer service that is second-to-none and includes being responsive to client needs and requests.

To ensure that our clients’ needs are being met in the manner that they expect, we routinely conduct client satisfaction surveys which include a series of questions regarding the service level we provide to our clients.

We seek to exceed the typical same day/four hour response considered standard in the premium software service industry and work to resolve issues as quickly as possible.

dedicated toll-free number

Insightrix provides a dedicated toll-free number for the sole purpose of responding to requests.

direct access to support staff

While the industry standard is a communications dashboard approach using a web-based contact form inside the software, Insightrix feels that its clients deserve quicker, more personal communications.

available by email and by telephone

Insightrix will be available by email and by telephone and will provide rapid response to any inquiries or issues that may arise.

quick responses to technical issues

Insightrix will provide responses to technical issues by phone or email and stay in regular contact during the resolution of the issue.