inspiring interactions, sharing ideas, informing brands

An online community delivers insight, creative ideas & feedback. Our online market research software is very flexible. Whether you want a short-term community or something more long term, Insightrix has the technology and know-how to deliver.


easily consult with your customers or stakeholders using an online community platform that offers qualitative research and quantitative research techniques on all devices through a robust & user friendly interface

Customer Journey Mapping

Engaging Employees

Usability Testing

Public Participation

Voice of the Customer

Testing Concepts

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We have the knowledge to take you through each step of the journey, from recruiting your first panel member to engaging with them & promoting participation in research activities. To help you get started, we have developed a FREE guide to creating an online community.

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participants in the online community can join discussions, write blogs, answer questions, upload pictures & videos, share experiences & ideas & tell their stories


Digital Diaries

create digital diaries & journals that capture participants’ everyday lives with pictures, video & text


receive a great mini-crowdsourcing opportunity - set challenges or request ideas from your participants

Bulletin Board Discussions

hold engaging interactive discussions with participants in your community


get a quick pulse on your community’s sentiment & benefit from instant feedback with quick polls


conduct surveys with participants that include a variety of question types, such as single choice, multiple choice & open-ended questions

Mobile Optimization

capture in-the-moment responses from participants at their convenience- wherever, whenever

introducing our intuitive online community platform - designed to help researchers and strategists collaborate with people & develop decisive insight

support the valuable interactions that makes participation worthwhile for your online community members

Real Time Reporting Tools

generate reports quickly in Word or Excel using data exports & a range of filters


allow access to your online community seamlessly on all devices, at participants' convenience

Private and Secure

our security is top notch - we guarantee you & your online community members privacy & integrity

Branding Elements

add colours, logos & backgrounds to create your own customized branding

Multimedia Capabilities

share moments & answer questions with text, video & pictures or web links


grant participants the ability to get to know each other using our intuitive social engagement tools


access training, technical & non-technical support provided by our team of industry experts

Discussions & Surveys

create surveys and discussions quickly & easily, using a range of qualitative research & quantitative research tools

Panel Health

monitor the health of your online community easily

using Insightrix Online Communities, you can easily build closer connections with your target audience

municipal government agencies, corporate researchers & market research agencies are using Insightrix Communities to empower stakeholders and gather richer insight



target specific geographic areas, stakeholders & demographics - gain truthful & relevant information while avoiding trolls, anonymous criticism & vocal non-residents

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Corporate Researchers

enhance your customer focus & augment your existing market understanding by conducting timely, inexpensive ad hoc research

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Market Research Agencies

don't let the budget limit your solution - enhance your research with an inclusive online community tool

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