Mercedes-Benz Online Community

10 August, 2016 • Online Community Articles • by

Generation Benz When a luxury car company experiments with a technology to help gather market research and continues to expand year after year with that technology, you must conclude that it is paying off. That is what happened with Mercedes-Benz who first began using market research online communities in 2008 with Generation Benz. Generation Benz… Read more »

Crying Over Spilled Coffee

28 June, 2016 • Online Community Articles • by

We look at what market research online communities can be used for, such as product innovation, product support, and greater customer loyalty. What are Market Research Online Communities Used for? How a company obtains feedback and suggestions on its products sounds like a simple problem. However, the amount of dissatisfaction with what appears to be simple,… Read more »

Production Innovation and Online Communities

26 April, 2016 • Online Community Articles, Online Community Software • by

With 85% of new fast-moving consumer good products failing, market research online communities are a serious solution to co-creating new products with the consumer in order to increase success rate and save money. Failure Rates of FMCG I was recently reading an article about failure rates of fast-moving consumer good products in the marketplace. I… Read more »

Online Communities for Civic Engagement

6 April, 2016 • Online Community Articles • by

Market Research Online Communities were initially used for businesses but now civic communities are seeing how powerful they can be for building consensus. Civic Communities Playing Catch Up The concept of the Innovation Adoption Lifecycle has been around for many years and has been applied to many industries, products and services. Innovators, Early Adopters, Early… Read more »