Benefits of Market Research Online Communities

2 March, 2016 • Online Community Articles, Online Community Software • by

One of the greatest innovations to market research in the last five years has been the introduction of  market research online community software. As a full service market research firm, with our own software developers, we recognized that to truly meet the needs of our clients we had to offer market research online community software. Qualitative… Read more »

Cathay Pacific Uses a Market Research Online Community to Make Informed Decisions for its 32 Million Customers

22 February, 2016 • Online Community Articles • by

  How many air travelers have thought to themselves, “why can’t the airline that I am travelling on, do a better job?  How hard could it be? Surely not every airline is this bad?” It is not until you travel on an airline, such as Cathay Pacific, that does an excellent job of customer service on… Read more »

The Rise of Marketing Technology

16 February, 2016 • Online Community Articles • by

The future of marketing is in technology, people and fusing those two together to create an amazing user experience. Technology Should Create a Greater Experience I recently ran across an article that related directly to how our business is evolving.  Insightrix Research is a full service marketing company, with a digital division who do graphics… Read more »

Market Research Online Communities: The Way of the Future

8 February, 2016 • Online Community Articles • by

Engaged Communities An online research community of engaged individuals that regularly contributes to your brand or organization can assist you with the necessary insights to make meaningful business decisions. Prior to communities, obtaining input from customers was either very expensive, took a great deal of time, limited to only one touchpoint per customer and/or all… Read more »

Edmonton Creates an Online Research Community to Engage Residents and Make Positive Changes

1 February, 2016 • Online Community Articles • by

Market research online communities were initially created for businesses, but later cities began realizing that they are perfect for building community consensus and for being more effective than traditional town hall meetings. Edmonton Engages Residents When residents of Edmonton said that the City could be doing a better job engaging residents, the City listened. Now… Read more »