Why Profiling Surveys Are So Great!

17 October, 2017 • Uncategorized • by

The pressure for marketers to have amazing quantitative skills is rapidly increasing. This increase comes as organizations are moving towards greater analysis, in an attempt to expand to new markets, test their performance, attract new customers and retain existing customers. Understanding your Customer The key to meeting the growing demands in businesses is to learn… Read more »

YouTube Gently Guides Audience Towards 3-D

22 September, 2017 • General • by

YouTube makes a strategic move to bridge the gap between current 2-D video and the future 3-D by creating VR180. They also have gone to great efforts to make the transition easy for those using the software. Hints of the Future Working in the market research online community business has me hyper aware of what… Read more »

Tesla Markets Products that Don’t Exist Yet!

19 September, 2017 • General • by

Marketing has always been thought of as a way to sell a company’s current existing products. Following companies like Tesla who believe in marketing first and building second, preeminence is placed on marketing and regarded as an afterthought. A New Take on Marketing In a recent article by Mathew Sweezey for Forbes.com entitled, Has Marketing… Read more »

Going Deeper Than Stereotypes To Connect With Millennials

12 September, 2017 • General • by

Tenielle Maris writes on Marklives.com how easy it is for marketers to stereotype millennials instead of putting in the time into understanding the diversity within this group. The Most Researched Group in History In a recent article by Tenielle Maris entitled, “Headspace: Going beyond the millennial stereotype,” the author looks at the influence this target… Read more »

Google Battles Trolls Through Perspective

6 September, 2017 • Uncategorized • by

Fighting Trolls is Real Issue. Google has a new API called Perspective to help aid in the fight. Fighting the Good Fight In a recent article on Mashable by Marcus Gilmer entitled, Google Rolls Out its New Tool to Fight Disgusting Internet Trolls, the author looks at Google’s new API which was created to deal… Read more »

Creating an Option for Those Who Don’t Want to Purchase Their Steak Online

1 September, 2017 • Uncategorized • by

While other brick and mortars are moving towards online shopping, Amazon, the company that began with online shopping is moving towards brick and mortar. Amazon’s Bid to Move into the Grocery Market In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal entitled Amazon Working on Several Grocery-Store Formats, Could Open More Than 2,000 Locations the… Read more »

Marketing Machine 2.0

25 August, 2017 • General • by

What do you get when you study how top performing companies do marketing? You get patterns and results such as those found by Marc de Swaan Arons, Frank van den Driest, and Keith Weed. Profound Changes within an Industry Marketing in the past decade has changed more profoundly than almost any other field with the… Read more »