Old Spice’s Rebranding Success Story

5 April, 2017 • Online Communities • by

Tales of rebranding success stories are few and far between, which is what makes the successful ones worth heralding. In an article entitled Which social media marketing lessons can we learn from Old Spice’s rebranding campaign found on emarketingblog.nl the writer Soraya Steen discusses in detail the challenges Old Spice faced and the steps they took… Read more »

The Science of Stupid

27 March, 2017 • Online Communities • by

In a recent article for Forbes.com entitled Why Smart People Make Stupid Decisions the author Christine Comaford looks at the factors that affect us making a rational decision. This article was so interesting because individuals make irrational decisions all the time, and not just with their personal lives but also in business. The amount of… Read more »

Anti-bullying – Using an Market Research Online Community for Public Consultation

9 March, 2017 • Online Communities • by

 Advocacy Research Research can be conducted for a number of reasons, one of which is to shape policy. Advocacy research’s main purpose is to influence formal and informal policies created by policymakers. Therefore it is important to gather solid data so that your research clearly shows the needs or problems you want addressed. In February… Read more »

A Branded Community is Integral to Your Social Strategy

3 March, 2017 • Online Communities • by

 Social Networks Are Not Heavily Rewarded In an article entitled How Branded Communities Leverage Your Social Strategy that appeared on Adweek.com the author Neil Rosen discusses how important branded social communities are to your social marketing strategy. He writes how companies build open social networks for their customers seeing the need as vitally important. These… Read more »

Automation is the Real Story

9 January, 2017 • Online Communities • by

 From Top of the Line to Junk I had a relaxing holiday, and this past week set out on a mission to minimize the amount of possessions that I have in my house. I was spurred on by the documentary, “The Minimalists.” Doing this is hard, mainly because you have memories attached to possessions that… Read more »