Adobe Poises for the Future

5 January, 2017 • Online Communities • by

Adobe’s Shift to Cloud Based Business In a recent article by Patrick Seitz, entitled Adobe Systems CEO Touts ‘Textbook Transition’ To Cloud recently published on Investor’s Business Daily, the author got a chance to sit down with the CEO of Adobe Systems (ADBE) and discuss their overwhelming five year success, as well as the plans… Read more »

The Man behind the New Microsoft

5 December, 2016 • Online Communities • by

Microsoft’s New Direction In a recent Fortune article by Andrew Nusca, entitled The Man Who Is Transforming Microsoft, the author looks at the progress of the new Chief Executive, Satya Nadella. The 49 year old’s leadership method is altogether different from his predecessor and much of the previous Microsoft leadership. Nusca has made some big… Read more »

Cars are the New Mobile

24 November, 2016 • Online Communities • by

Smart Car Market Being first is everything for tech giants such as Apple, Samsung and Google. In a recent article entitled, Amp my Ride in The Economist they detail how Samsung has sought to break into the smart car market with its recent purchase of Harman for $8 billion dollars. The article begins with a… Read more »

How to Prioritize Customer Research

31 October, 2016 • Online Communities • by

The Priority Among Priorities In a recent article entitled, How to Prioritize Customer Research when Everything is a Priority, author Michael Margolis looks at the common challenges that he hears when meeting with startups. Each week he meets with startup CEO’s and the common question that he hears again and again is in regards to what… Read more »

User Research at Instacart

25 October, 2016 • Online Communities • by

 Smarter Decisions In a recent article entitled User Research at Instacart the author Dave Hora looks at the power of targeted research. For those who don’t know, Instacart is an Internet-based grocery delivery service that promises to deliver your groceries within an hour. They deliver from Costco, Whole Foods, Target and more. The company is… Read more »

How Airbnb Successfully Expanded into China

3 October, 2016 • Online Communities • by

A Difficult Market to Navigate In a recent article entitled User research: Airbnb for the Chinese market by Jessie Chen, the author looks at Airbnb’s ability to successfully expand into a complex market such as China. She cites their ability to understand the Chinese market through extensive market research. Airbnb’s mission statement and how it… Read more »

Research is Paid for One Way or Another

26 September, 2016 • Online Communities • by

Research Doesn’t Cost it Saves Money Erika Hall is co-founder and Director of Strategy at Mule Design Studio. She has also written a book on design research entitled Just Enough Research. In a recent article entitled The Secret Cost of Research Erika looks at the importance of research in design projects and the hindrances that… Read more »