solicit feedback

an online community allows for spontaneous input from customers through unsolicited conversation, blogs & interaction between participants, leading to more organic data – allow for individuals to provide more in-depth answers than you could achieve through simple polls or surveys with our online discussion groups

Online Communities Software Can:

Research Tools You Need

provide a host of research tools - depending on your specific research needs

Greater Insight

improve decision-making capabilities

Ongoing Research

allow for continuous research projects to be conducted while staying within budget

Low Cost Corporate Research

provide the ability to do ad hoc work in house - at lower cost

Experts in Research

benefit from the insight of expert researchers

Increased Performance

conduct a qualitative research study while sending out polls or surveys to your participants almost simultaneously

The potential benefits of effective consultation through online communities are:

  • listen and respond to corporate research gathered in your community
  • perform better — provide information companies need to make better decisions
  • increase confidence & levels of satisfaction – both internally & externally
  • provide corporate researchers with an array of research tools to conduct both qualitative research & quantitative research with your targeted group


give customers an opportunity to provide input/feedback - without the constraints of location & time