agile technology

provide tools for qualitative research and quantitative research, community management & incentive management

grant the ability to conduct diary studies, discussion groups, surveys & quick polls

we offer online communities on a short-term or long-term basis with a simple pricing model that gives you access to the full suite of research tools with no add-on charges – this means simple & affordable budgeting regardless of what type & how much market research your client needs

Online Communities software can:

Customer Loyalty

strengthen your customer's loyalty to your firm

Greater Insights

provide faster, more cost-effective results with better insights

Continuity For Clients

use your own staff & provide better continuity to your client

exceed the competition - meet & exceed your competition's technology while allowing your firm to provide superior service with your own staff

The potential benefits of conducting market research through online communities include:

  • eliminate the geographic disadvantage faced by in-person, qualitative research
  • encourage market research participation on a greater level & achieve a higher level of satisfaction among respondents
  • build targeted pools of respondents for specialized research
  • conduct agile market research by repeatedly fielding micro surveys



Inform the Creation of New Products, Advertisements and Campaigns by the People Who they are Intended for

You need research story-telling to gather the insights your clients need. Learn how our software will allow you to engage with consumers to learn the “why” behind the research story.

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