awesome features

the complete solution to research and community consultation needs for market researchers, communicators & engagement professionals

Best-in-Class User Experience

intuitive and elegant mobile optimized user experience that is second to none

Excellent Community Management

robust online community management tools that are born and raised in the real world

Powerful Engagement Tools

quantitative research and qualitative research tools that make it easy to obtain the insights you need

photo, video & text diary

invite a group of customers to participate individually in a daily diary for a short period of time to share comments, photos & video on your research topics – allow individuals to share insights as they happen without being confused by memory and/or overlooking important details

for example...

use our diary mode tools to conduct research with your members where there are – anytime. our moderator tools make it easy to probe your entire set of respondents while maintaining privacy between them in this often sensitive research technique




online discussion groups

moderate discussions and/or allow your respondents to discuss among themselves while you gain insight from their interactions. people will talk about your brand online – give them a place to voice their appreciation, concerns & grievances to learn and get the insights you need to impress your customers

for example...


create bulletin board-style quantitative research projects that present tremendous savings over in-person techniques like focus groups – a greater number of people can be consulted over a shorter period of time without the typical complications of scheduling meetings



quick polls

pose questions to your online community members when they first login to the online community – use them to engage customers and gain insight



for example...

our Quick Poll tools allow an upfront, simple question to be presented to the online community



online surveys

your solution for deep insights and sophisticated research – designed to be mobile optimized first and foremost, combining collection tools, real time cross tabs & data reporting tools. we ensure your most advanced qualitative research and quantitative research survey needs are met


for example...

unlock the true power of an online community by leveraging previously collected data for use in sampling, survey logic & piping





export powerful qualitative research insights in Word and Excel and reduce the time required to compile findings into reports – quantitative data exports into SPSS or CSV for ease of analysis and delivery



for example...

turn your qualitative research engagements into graphical, print-ready transcripts with simple point & click exports



Yes, it's all included - an all-inclusive product - we do not charge per module, which means simple pricing and no surprises

  • Customized Branding

    feature your branding throughout your online community, including the rotating login carousel & on site headers – update your online community brand as frequently as you want

  • Opt In

    each online community includes a double opt-in procedure to validate membership

  • Profile Survey

    do market research segmentation with user profile surveys, providing demographic information

  • User Search

    look up online community members with greater ease – every member who joins your online community is given an individual id

  • Sample Groups

    choose the demographics who will participate, select the fields & create the sample group to invite

  • Panel Health

    use our analytics to view logins and gauge participation levels, allowing you to target and re-engage – select data between specific dates & apply question filters to dive into data, display desired statistics & automatically generate graphs

  • Map Logins

    see where your active online community members are logging in from with a map that employs Google maps – members are shown as clusters you can click on individually to get a better geographic look at your users

  • Point and Incentive Program

    use our optional point and incentive program for rewarding members for their time and engagement – with each research task you can decide how points will be awarded and redeemed

  • Moderator Tags

    create tags for discussions and apply them to posts which can be exported in Excel format – include summary statistics, full text & data, such as a count of likes, dislikes & sorted moderator tags

  • Abuse Management

    provide individuals a place for their voice to be heard while still respecting other members –  take away the sense of anonymity,  creating a more respectful environment by requiring all online community members to complete personal profiles – members are able to flag abuse,  sending an email to the online community manager to review & take action, as required

  • Data Mining

    search throughout previous online community discussions, surveys or polls using keywords or phrases to provide you with the information you need over time- our easy reporting tools allow you to quickly export your data